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The Hotel & Motel Program by The Select Group, Old South, and Western Prairie Brands is tailored to hotel and motel owners and franchisees and has been tempered by 44 Years of Insurance Advisory Experience. Brokers turn to this premium program for hotel and motel clients who demand broad coverage, attentive claims service and competitive rates. Our emphasis on service means a one-week turnaround for quotes and 30 day issuance of policies and endorsements. Because we work closely with insurance companies and other involved parties in-house, claims get handled quickly. 

Offered through The Select Group, Old South and Western Prairie Brands, The Hotel & Motel Program offers complete protection without the hassles of dealing with multiple program administrators and the waste of overlapping coverage. Tempered by 44 years of insurance advisory experience, no other hotel and motel program on the market offers the financial strength, breadth of coverage and stability of pricing that are the hallmarks of excellence.
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The Walnut Advisory Corporation is the Underwriting and Policy Issuing MGA that Retail Insurance Brokers across the country rely upon for the highest standards of professional integrity, financial responsibility and process efficiency. As a Specialty Niche Market for many premium quality insurance products, we have remained committed for the past 44 years to providing the most stringent professional standards to our customers.
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Pricing stability, customer service and class of business expertise enable The Walnut Advisory Corporation to deliver broad, comprehensive products, expert underwriting, pricing stability and fast customer service to empower attorneys to protect their practice and brokers to build their books of business. The products and services of The Select Group, The Old South,
and The Western Prairie Brands enables insurance brokers to increase writings through the Knowledge, Financial Strength
and Market Presence of The Walnut Advisory Corporation, tempered by 44 Years of Insurance Advisory Experience.
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